Updating Driver with Eazy Driver Updater

Seamlessly Update Outdated Drivers

Quickly identify and update outdated, faulty, and corrupt drivers causing unstable device performance.

Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8 and 7

A single-click solution to troubleshoot driver issues.

If you are facing issues with display, sound, network connectivity, bluetooth, printers etc, look no further! Eazy Driver Updater scans its huge database and offers the most compatible drivers for your devices for glitch-free, peak PC performance without investing time to find the right driver updates.

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Windows 11/10/8.1/8 and 7

Single Click Solution for PC Driver Issue

Large Driver Database

With a vast database of more than 5 million drivers and a broad range of features, Eazy Driver Updater is the first choice of users. You can update all outdated drivers at once or one by one as per convenience in just 1-click.

5 Million Driver Database in Eazy Driver Updater
  • Backup & Restore Old Drivers

    Eazy Driver Updater takes a backup of old drivers as a safety measure before updating to the latest drivers.

  • Supports Almost All Devices

    Enjoy better graphics, richer audio, faster browsing, fewer device issues, lesser system crashes and more with Eazy Driver Updater.

  • Detailed Report of Outdated Drivers

    Eazy Driver Updater provides in-depth information about each installed driver and the version it will download along with the manufacturer’s name.

  • Keep Drivers up-to-date Always

    With the latest driver updates added regularly to the database, never miss out on the latest driver updates and keep drivers in sync.

Boost Gaming Performance

An updated graphics driver makes a huge difference to the gaming performance and video streaming. Use Eazy Driver Updater to keep your device hardware updated.

  • Faster browsing and downloading

    Eazy Driver Updater aims to fix dropping Wi-Fi connections by updating WLAN and other network drivers for interference-free browsing.

  • Automatically Resume Driver Downloads

    Facing connectivity issues while downloading driver updates? No worries, Eazy Driver Updater will automatically resume driver downloads when you are online.

  • Malware Free Driver Download

    All drivers added to our database are thoroughly tested and a strict check for malware and other infections is done.

  • Better Device Performance

    The right drivers make a huge difference to the device’s performance helps keep the PC running smoothly. Always get the correct drivers for your devices with Eazy Driver Updater.

Automatic Driver Update in Eazy Driver Updater

Optimal PC Performance

Often when we notice slow and sluggish PC performance, we look for ways to free up space and neglect device driver updates, one of the most common reasons for this issue. Quickly update outdated drivers with Eazy Driver Updater and make your PC run as good as new!.

Schedule Driver Scan in Eazy Driver Updater
  • Save time & manual effort

    No more searching multiple websites for each device driver and wasting your precious time. Update outdated drivers in 1-click with Eazy Driver Updater!

  • Scheduled Driver Scans

    Stop worrying about manually scanning your system for outdated drivers everyday. Use the scheduler to automatically run the driver scan at scheduled date and time and update to the latest drivers.

  • Compatible with all Windows versions

    Eazy Driver Updater flawlessly scans, and updates outdated, missing, and old drivers on all Windows versions.

  • Exclude Incompatible Drivers

    Add unwanted or idle drivers to the exclusion list and skip updating them. You can also exclude incompatible driver updates.

Fix Hardware Issues

Incompatible, old, missing or corrupt drivers cause hardware issues. Using Eazy Driver Updater, automatically update outdated drivers and fix driver-related issues in no time.

  • Faster Downloads

    For quicker driver updates, Eazy Driver Updater downloads all system drivers from the cloud, allowing you to easily install the latest driver updates.

  • Fix Printer Issues

    Update printer drivers with Eazy Driver Updater and prevent encountering issues like, printer not working, unable to connect to the printer, and more.

  • Fix Bluetooth Issues

    Struggling with "Missing Generic Bluetooth Driver" issue? No issue! Eazy Driver Updater will solve all Bluetooth device driver-related issues.

  • Fix Sound Issues

    Facing audio-related issues on Windows? Update the audio driver using Eazy Driver Updater and send the sound to the right output device.

Fix Printer Issue in System

Eazy Driver Updater

Effortlessly update outdated drivers in 1-click!

Compatible OS: Windows 11/10/8.1/8 and 7